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Public Space and Urban Safety - Factsheet

  • Urban Safety Reference Group | 01 Jan 1970

The Urban Safety Reference Group (USRG) from the South African Cities Network, with the support of the Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit, developed a platform to voice different perspectives which analysed the need for public space and how to positively influence decision…

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Public Space and Urban Safety

…one of the strictest lockdowns worldwide, restricting movements significantly and citizens were only allowed to leave home for essential services like shopping and doctors’ visits. Public Spaces are abandoned areas during this time. However, social inequality and the imbalance of opportunities remain apparent - maybe more than ever before.

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Nurturing positive social interactions and safety through mindful and inclusive public spaces

…need to invest in public spaces that are truly co-created through social engineering processes. These need to be grounded in quality community participation processes which begin at the conception of the project, carries on when the project is handed over, and continues in different ways to ensure ownership and positive…

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A Transit-Oriented Development Lens - Journal/Magazine

Over the coming decades, urban areas are set to change dramatically: more people will live in cities, and will require more houses and services, public transport, jobs, and places of recreation and learning – all of which take up space and need land. In South Africa, cities also need to…

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Nature Hero Program

  • Play Africa |Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo | Gauteng

…with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. The story teaches children and families important lessons about the impact humans have on the world and the power of working together as a team to shape the future of our planet. The program was created for young children aged 8-10 in Johannesburg, with…

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Socially activated spaces in informal settlements

  • Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU NPC) | Western Cape

…greater mission to upgrade public spaces in informal settlements to reduce violence and inequality and thus improve greater quality of life for residents living in informal settlements. The isiXhosa word Emthonjeni is referring to ‘being at the fountain’ – a place by the water. Traditionally, communities gather around an Emthonjeni…

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Urban Safety in South Africa

Urban safety is recognised globally as an essential ingredient of urban development. In South Africa, uneven spatial distribution of safety affects the overall inclusivity, efficiency and functioning of cities. Find out more in this introduction.

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Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

…could prevent certain types of crime from being committed and may reduce incidents of crime and violence in a particular area. This well-recognised and widely practised approach to crime prevention is commonly known as Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).

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Reflections on the New Urban Agenda: Let’s focus on public spaces for social cohesion

…October 2016, the New Urban Agenda was adopted at the Habitat III conference in Quito, Equator. While including many important aspect for sustainable urban development in the next 20 years, the Agenda is vague on one critical aspect: the importance of safe public spaces for social cohesion and more liveable…

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Beyond the unthinkable? City dwellings without security walls

In response to high levels of crime, South Africans have turned their homes into fortresses, seeking security behind high walls. But doing so might be counter-productive.

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