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Public Space and Urban Safety - Factsheet

  • Urban Safety Reference Group | 01 Jan 1970

The Urban Safety Reference Group (USRG) from the South African Cities Network, with the support of the Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit, developed a platform to voice different perspectives which analysed the need for public space and how to positively influence decision…

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A Transit-Oriented Development Lens - Journal/Magazine

Over the coming decades, urban areas are set to change dramatically: more people will live in cities, and will require more houses and services, public transport, jobs, and places of recreation and learning – all of which take up space and need land. In South Africa, cities also need to…

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Using Minecraft for Youth Participation in Urban Design and Governance - Guide/Manual

  • UN-HABITAT | 02 Aug 2015

…improve governance in towns and cities and help increase levels of participation, efficiency and accountability in public urban policies, provided that the tools are appropriately used, accessible, inclusive and affordable. Research shows that ICT use by youth can have a direct impact on increasing civic engagement, giving them new avenues…

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