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Nature Hero Program

  • Play Africa |Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo | Gauteng

…with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. The story teaches children and families important lessons about the impact humans have on the world and the power of working together as a team to shape the future of our planet. The program was created for young children aged 8-10 in Johannesburg, with…

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Socially activated spaces in informal settlements

  • Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU NPC) | Western Cape

…greater mission to upgrade public spaces in informal settlements to reduce violence and inequality and thus improve greater quality of life for residents living in informal settlements. The isiXhosa word Emthonjeni is referring to ‘being at the fountain’ – a place by the water. Traditionally, communities gather around an Emthonjeni…

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Safe and inclusive parks in the Johannesburg inner-city

  • Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo |City of Johannesburg |Johannesburg Development Agency |GIZ South Africa | Gauteng

…integrated stakeholder approach to public space design and management. It involves sector contributions from different city departments as well as engagement with city residents and other park users in designing a safe, inclusive and sustainable public space though participatory tools and methods. The project aims to develop a sound governance…

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AMANDLA Safe-Hub Campaign

  • AMANDLA EduFootball | Gauteng, Western Cape

…Safe-Hub is a physically and emotionally safe space where young people access services, opportunities and support from strong role models through a football-based programme system focusing on health, safety, education, and employability. Safe-Hub infrastructures are placed at the center of hotspots of youth unemployment and violence in urban/sub-urban slum areas.

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Mainstreaming Urban Safety and Inclusion in South Africa

  • African Centre for Cities | Western Cape

…on how the nature and extent of violence and violent crime have changed and whether or not there has been an improvement in safety in the settlement. A specific focus of the project is to study the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) programme as one methodology for violence reduction…

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Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading

  • Mandela Bay Development Agency | Eastern Cape

The Mandela Bay Development Agency is working with the community of Helenvale in Port Elizabeth to address the socio-economic causes of crime and violence.

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Breaking Down Walls

  • Durban University of Technology | KwaZulu-Natal

This project advocates the removal of high walls and a takes a critical look at conventional suburban safety measures as a way of making communities safer and contributing to social cohesion. It spans two communities in Durban.

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