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28 Nov 2019

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Lauren October

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16 Mar 2020

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High levels of violent crime resulting in the general lack of safety experienced by most communities in the Western Cape constitutes one of our most serious and complex challenges. Safety, or the lack thereof, deeply affects our residents’ lives, from their ability to participate and thrive in the economy, to move about freely without fear, to attend school and recreational activities, to access government services, or to feel safe and supported inside their own homes.

Considering the complexity of the problem of crime and violence, its effect on our progress in every other respect, and the interconnected and holistic responses which must be explored, the Western Cape Provincial Cabinet, under the leadership of Premier Alan Winde, is putting its full might behind improving safety over the next five years. This Western Cape Safety Plan aims to both boost law enforcement capacity in our least safe neighbourhoods, but also seeks to address the root causes of crime, and of violent crime more specifically, in our society.

The strategies adopted in the Western Cape Safety Plan are informed by evidence, and will be implemented using data and technology. Progress will be monitored and evaluated at the highest level to ensure expected outcomes are achieved, with change measured regularly against set metrics (or outcome indicators) agreed upon by each Minister