2018/2019 The State of Urban Safety in South Africa report

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2018/2019 The State of Urban Safety in South Africa report – Resources


South African Cities Network, Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI), GIZ South Africa, Centre of Criminology


Urban Safety Reference Group

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11 Apr 2019

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Lauren October

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11 Apr 2019

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This third edition of the State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report continues the tradition of the 2016 and 2017 reports in providing a longitudinal study of city-level crime trends in South Africa’s major cities. It gives an overview of the Urban Safety Reference Group (USRG) knowledge sharing and learning activities, and showcases current city practices related to urban safety. The report’s overarching aim is to contribute to improved efforts to prevent and respond to crime and violence, and to create safer communities in the country’s urban centres.

This edition of the report continues to build an evidence base (aggregated to city level) that may inform policy and practice, and to strengthen the case for integrated approaches to city urban safety functions. The statistics presented in this edition highlight the fact that cities are locations where violence and criminal activities are disproportionately prevalent. While the picture is not entirely grim, given improvements made by cities in terms of various crime types, the numbers still indicate a need for a strong focus on cities and towns, and identified “crime hotspots” within them.