The Road to Recovery: You & Rape

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The Road to Recovery: You & Rape – Resources


Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust


Kathleen Dey, Shiralee McDonald, Sarah Strydom

Publication date

01 Jan 2017

Uploaded on

21 Apr 2017

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In 1992, the Natal Midlands Black Sash, the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust and a number of other women’s organisations in Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg began a public rape education programme out of concern about the rising number of rapes and the need for society to support men and women who have been raped. The programme was designed to support rape survivors in their recovery and in bringing their attackers to trial, if they chose to report their rape to the authorities.

At Rape Crisis, their experiences while presenting the programme confirmed that there is a real need for rape survivors and communities to be educated about what the law says rape is, how to report it, and the physical and emotional effects of rape. In fact it has been found that that officials within the criminal justice system also need to be educated about the needs of rape survivors and the value of the role survivors play in assisting officials to bring rapists to justice.

This booklet contributes to sharing the information that has been gathered from the experiences of rape survivors, communities and officials. It has been updated several times. With this latest update, a new section has been included on growth after trauma, the effects of trauma on the brain and recent changes to laws, policies and procedures regarding the medical and legal aspects of rape.