Talking Taboos: Teaching and Learning about Sex, Gender and Violence

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Talking Taboos: Teaching and Learning about Sex, Gender and Violence – Resources


Gender, Health, Justice and Resource Unit (University of Cape Town)

Publication date

01 Jan 2014

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06 Oct 2015

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This research project examines how gender-based violence prevention messaging is addressed in schools in the Western Cape, and in particular how teachers, learners, and other stakeholder groups feel about what and how we teach our youth on these topics. Findings from the research show that education on sex, sexuality, gender and gender-based violence is uneven, poorly developed and implemented, and often personality-driven, and that learners are seldom given credible, robust information on sexuality, gender and violence that use new pedagogies to tackle these ‘taboo topics’ with learners.

The outputs of the project include a research report, teacher training materials, a glossary of terms and 66 classroom activities designed to support teachers to deal with ‘taboo topics’ like gender, gender and power, sex and sexual health, teen dating, domestic violence, sexual offences, gender and popular culture.

Individual classroom exercises are available on the project's website (see link above). The entire toolkit and glossary are also available attached to this profile.

All of the classroom exercises, the glossary, and the teacher training materials are freely available via a Creative Commons License.