Socio-Economic Rights: Progressive Realisation?

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Socio-Economic Rights: Progressive Realisation? – Resources


Seriti Institute


Jackie Dugard, Michael Clark, Kate Tissington and Stuart Wilson

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12 Jan 2018

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16 Jan 2018

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Three new working papers on the rights to housing, water and sanitation, commissioned by the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR), have recently been published. The papers are part of a series of papers that aim to examine how far the realisation of socio-economic rights (and related enabling rights) have advanced in South Africa since the advent of democracy.

The papers on the rights to housing, water and sanitation each provide a human rights analysis of the right in question in the South African context by reviewing the legal, policy and functional frameworks governing the right, and undertaking a rights-based fault-line analysis of systemic problems with the realisation of the right. The papers have been published individually and collectively in a publication entitled, ''Socio-Economic Rights: Progressive Realisation?''

The papers were researched and written by various SERI staff members, including Jackie Dugard (chairperson of SERI’s Board of Directors and former SERI researcher), Michael Clark (SERI research associate), Kate Tissington (former SERI researcher) and Stuart Wilson (SERI executive director).