School‐related Gender‐based Violence

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School‐related Gender‐based Violence – Resources




Fiona Leach, Máiréad Dunne and Francesca Salvi

Publication date

01 Jan 2014

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12 Jun 2015

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Gender‐based violence (GBV) is a global phenomenon that knows no geographical, cultural, social, economic, ethnic, or other boundaries. It occurs across all societies and represents a brutal violation of human rights, the worst manifestation of gender‐based discrimination and a major obstacle to the achievement of gender equality. It is tolerated and sustained by social institutions, including the school, the very place where we expect our children to be safe and protected. It is a serious obstacle to the right to education and learning, with implications for the ways that people understand and enact their social lives and exercise their citizenship.

A global review of current issues and approaches in policy, programming and implementation responses to School‐Related Gender‐Based Violence (SRGBV) for the Education Sector.