SaferSpaces Gazette 31 March 2023

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GIZ South Africa, Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

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31 Mar 2023

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05 Apr 2023



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“There is a subconscious way of taking violence as a way of expression, as a normality, and it has a lot of effects in the youth in the way they absorb education and what they hope to get out of life”. -Salma Hayek

Violence is a serious social problem in South Africa and across the world. Youth violence is slowly becoming a pandemic. Youth violence is a traumatic experience that has long-term physical,
emotional and social implications for the victims. Therefore, violence prevention is key as most young people are at risk of experiencing violence in some form, most likely perpetuated by people
they know. This is not only a South African phenomenon but it happens in any country and any setting, in the home, within the community and at school.

Even though violence is predictable and preventable, it is very diffi cult for society and police to come up with preventative approaches that can be eff ectively implemented. Violence against
children, youth and women comes in many shapes and form, including child abuse and neglect, sexual violence, bullying, social media abuse, gang violence, knife and gun crime as well as intimate partner violence, amongst others.

The approved Integrated Crime and Violence Strategy (ICVPS) seeks to address the root causes of crime and violence and espouses a ‘whole of government and whole of society’ approach to crime and violence prevention.

The ICVPS emphasises that the police alone cannot address crime and violence. Complimentary interventions must be put in place to address a multiplicity of socio-economic factors that
contribute to crime and violence, such as inequality and unemployment. The ICVPS seeks to ensure that the basics are in place in every aspect of a person’s life to minimise the possibility of
crime and violence.

The SaferSpaces portal is used as a tool and key support mechanism for the implementation of the ICVPS. The SaferSpaces portal has fostered an active community of practitioners nationally,
with more than 300 registered practitioners from government and civil society, and is recognized as the authoritative source for freely available knowledge and support on crime and violence
prevention in South Africa. 


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Matlakala Mosane
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Makhosi Buthelezi
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Xisa Ramafoko
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service