SaferSpaces Gazette 2020/21

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Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI), Civilian Secretariat for Police Service, GIZ South Africa

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30 Mar 2021

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Lauren October

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22 Apr 2021

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Abuse is the weakest expression of strength. It is weakness to destroy what you ought to protect, build and make better - Kingsley Opuwari Manuel

2020 has been a year like no other. COVID-19 was declared as a global pandemic and governments around the world were under pressure to take measures to reduce the spread of the disease. South Africa was not spared from the pandemic as evidenced by the highest number of recorded cases of COVID-19 in the Continent. The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service recognises the impact that COVID-19 has on citizens particularly on Gender-based Violence and crimes against children, including the vulnerable members of our society. As the Deputy President aptly put it during the 16 days of activism launch for no violence against women and children, “the twin pandemics have engulfed our nation on an unprecedented scale”. Calling upon all South Africans to support this cause by being activists against GBV within communities and workplaces. In an effort to address the high levels of crime and violence in SA, the CSPS has developed an Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy (ICVPS) drawn from the 2016 WPSS. The SaferSpaces portal is a tool and key support mechanism to reach diverse communities for the implementation of the ICVPS Strategy. To this end, it has fostered an active 300 or more, registered community of practitioners nationally, from government and civil society, and is a source of freely available knowledge and support for crime and violence prevention in the country. The SaferSpaces Gazette encompasses the content of the portal and highlights some of the research and interventions on GBV including safety, crime and violence prevention implemented by municipalities, government and NGO’s. The Advisory Group as a support group encourages practitioners in the field to contribute to the awareness about the GBV including resources available to tackle this “twin pandemic” in building safer and prosperous South Africa.

Editorial Team

Matlakala Mosane
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Makhosi Buthelezi
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Xisa Ramafoko
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Franziska Frische
GIZ Inclusive Crime and Violence Prevention Programme

Lameez Mota
Safety and Violence Initiative

Lauren October
Safety and Violence Initiative