SaferSpaces Gazette 2019/20

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Civilian Secretariat for Police Service, Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI), GIZ South Africa

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01 May 2020

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Lauren October

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25 May 2020

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You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When
silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth
so others know they aren’t alone.

- Jeanne McElvaney

The prevalence and levels of violent crime in South Africa are highly alarming. Genderbased Violence and crimes against children, including vulnerable members of our society, pose a serious threat to o victims and their families, and has a profoundly negative impact on the future well-being of women and children in our young democracy. The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (CSPS) recognises the impact that crime has on South Africans from all walks of life, preventing them from taking their rightful place in the development and growth of our country. The CSPS has developed Integrated Violence and Crime Prevention Strategy as a means to address the high levels of crime in our county. The strategy, which is currently being consulted within varied stakeholders, draws on the White Paper on Safety and Security (WPSS). It seeks to set out a clear plan for the implementation of an integrated approach to crime and violence prevention. The Saferspaces portal has fostered active participation from a community of practitioners nationally, with 300 registered practitioners from government and civil society. The portal is recognized as the authoritative source of freely available knowledge and support resource on violence prevention.

This Gazette provides an overview of tools, innovative interventions, resources used and implemented by all government and non-government stakeholders; with the aim of preventing crime and violence in the communities. The Advisory Group give support therefore, practitioners in the field are encouraged to contribute, for, together we build a safer and prosperous South Africa.

Editorial Team

Matlakala Mosane
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Makhosi Buthelezi
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Franziska Frische
GIZ Inclusive Crime and Violence Prevention Programme

Lameez Mota
Safety and Violence Initiative

Lauren October
Safety and Violence Initiative