SaferSpaces Gazette 2016/17

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SaferSpaces Gazette 2016/17 – Resources


Civilian Secretariat for Police Service, GIZ South Africa

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01 Nov 2016

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02 Nov 2016

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By 2030, South Africa will be a society in which all people feel and are safe; and in which they play a role in creating and maintaining safe environments.


In 2016, the annual crime statistics released by the South African Police Service showed, for the third consecutive time, an increase in contact crimes such as murder, sexual offenses and assault. These crimes have in common that they are the result of interpersonal violence. Reducing this type of violence is all but impossible for the police or any single actor to achieve alone. It requires a collaborative, integrated approach that focuses on the prevention of violence and crime.

Such an integrated approach is the cornerstone of the new White Paper on Safety and Security that was adopted by the South African Cabinet in April 2016. The White Paper lays out a policy framework for planning and implementing safety and violence prevention interventions holistically. It specifies how the roles, responsibilities and linkages between national, provincial and local government need to be co-ordinated and aligned. And it builds on collaboration with communities, civil society, academia and business.

Another key aspect of the new White Paper is its advocacy of a solid knowledge and evidence base to inform violence prevention efforts. This requires the collection and sharing of knowledge within government but also with and between non-state actors. For SaferSpaces, this kind of cross-sectoral knowledge sharing has been the central goal ever since the portal was launched in July 2014.  Therefore we are excited about a new partnership with the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service in driving SaferSpaces forward. The portal will support the implementation of the White Paper as a key knowledge sharing and networking hub.

We are certain this will make SaferSpaces even more useful and informative for practitioners across South Africa. The site statistics show an impressive growth in the usage of SaferSpaces since 2015: The number of registered practitioners has increased by 56%, some 2000 resources have been downloaded and overall site visits have nearly tripled, averaging at about 3000 visitors per month. This encourages us as it proves the need for such a platform.

As you read through this Gazette, you will discover different ways government and civil society together can make South African communities safer for everyone. If you are a practitioner, we encourage you to register on SaferSpaces and start sharing your knowledge and experiences with others.

Violence is preventable if we join our efforts.

Let’s work together for a safer South Africa!

Bilkis Omar
Chief Director: Policy Development and Research
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Daniel Brumund
Advisor: SaferSpaces and Public Relations
GIZ Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme