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#SafeTaxisNow Hidden Camera Video

Millions of women in South Africa use taxis daily. We had two women walk silently with a hidden camera through several taxi ranks in Johannesburg to show how women are harassed daily. During our 10 hours of filming, we counted more than 150 incidents of harassment.

Bree Taxi Drivers #SafeTaxisNow

As part of our #SafeTaxisNow campaign, we also asked taxi drivers in Joburg about their thoughts on the taxi rapes that have been happening.

#SafeTaxisNow March In Soweto

“We stand for black liberation. We stand for women’s liberation. We are tired of being violated, we are tired of living in fear. We are tired of being dehumanized. We strongly believe there should be consequences for anyone who violates women and girls” #SafeTaxisNow

What to do if you have been raped

In response to the recent taxi rapes around Gauteng, Soul City Institute for Social Justice mobilised a campaign to demand safe public transport for all women. A lot of people are not aware of places like Thuthuzela Care Centres that turn victims into survivors. Find your nearest Thuthuzela Care.