Urban Safety Brief No.1'2020: Public Space and Urban Safety

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Urban Safety Brief No.1'2020: Public Space and Urban Safety – Resources


South African Cities Network


Temba Middlemann, Simon Mayson, Alicia Fortuin and Rorisang Sojane

Publication date

01 Jan 1970

Uploaded on

20 Oct 2020

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The Urban Safety Reference Group (USRG) from the South African Cities Network, with the support of the Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit, developed a platform to voice different perspectives which analysed the need for public space and how to positively influence decision makers around equal access to quality public space in a way that responds to the range of South African realities.

The outcome is a widely discussed and consulted Urban Brief on Safety and Public Space which is designed to distil the knowledge for a policy and planning audience. It includes key discussion points on the need of quality public space, provides with key messages from experts and current, promising practices. The brief discusses key issues to do with integrating practice with policy and intents to respond to the current pandemic with lessons for informality and crisis management and provides clear recommendations for policy directions on public space and urban safety.