Multi-Sector Partnerships for Preventing Violence: A Guide to Improve Safety for Youth & Communities

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Multi-Sector Partnerships for Preventing Violence: A Guide to Improve Safety for Youth & Communities – Resources


Prevention Institute


Rachel A. Davis and Benita Tsao

Publication date

01 Apr 2014

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01 Mar 2016

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A Guide for Using Collaboration Multiplier to Improve Safety Outcomes for Young People, Communities and Cities

There is growing recognition that many sectors must be engaged to effectively prevent violence, but people always don't know what they bring to the table or how their sector can pitch in. This publication clarifies the roles and contributions of 10 sectors and 12 departments, and it walks readers through Collaboration Multiplier, an influential Prevention Institute tool.

This guide can be used to maximize the benefits of collaboration and overcome the barriers, whether you're just getting started or already have a strong coalition. Key features include:

  • Case examples of how various sectors add to efforts that prevent violence in UNITY cities and other places
  • Talking points to persuade other sectors to get involved, as well as suggested actions for partners who want to do even more
  • An introduction to the public health approach to preventing violence, as an overarching framework for multi-sector work
  • Activities that lead readers through the steps of the Collaboration Multiplier tool. You can complete the activities by hand or on your computer, and save, print and share your work.

Developed with funding from The Kresge Foundation, Multi-Sector Approach for Preventing Violence reflects the best thinking of 40 practitioners in 14 large U.S. cities and counties, including many UNITY cities. The guide's companion document outlines the benefits and challenges of multi-sector collaboration, provides a brief overview of Collaboration Multiplier and illustrates how the tool can help using an example in Houston.