Lessons from community-based initiatives to prevent violence

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Community-based organisations can make a significant long-term contribution to the development of communities and the prevention of violence, while strengthening social cohesion. This report presents case studies of three long-standing community initiatives, showing the multiple social benefits they bring in challenging contexts.

The insightful, encouraging report draws on practical experience gained in diverse, collaborative projects.
Illustrated with photographs from the communities and enriched by very specific examples, it also contains a concise executive summary with key insights and recommendations.

About the author: Penny Parenzee conducted this research while part of the ISS team. She is currently a Programme Manager at the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance at the University of Cape Town. An experienced facilitator, she has a keen interest in local-level intersectoral platforms aimed at improving service delivery.

The research was made possible by support from the Bavarian State Chancellery.