Learning Brief 5: Understanding Power

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This is the fifth in a series of Learning Briefs produced by Isandla Institute under the Safer Places: Resilient Institutions and Neighbourhoods Together (SPRINT) Project. The `Learning Brief is produced from the discussions at the fourth Learning Network session, hosted by Isandla Institute on 18 March 2021, focusing on ‘Understanding Power’. 

The brief unpacks the benefits of using power analysis in area-based violence prevention interventions (ABVPIs) and  introduces various power analysis tools such as the power cube and power mapping. One of the key messages of the brief is that there is a lack of understanding of power and the relevance of power in all aspects of work, relationships, interpersonal interactions and so forth. It goes on to argue that CSOs can play a key role in capacity building  and understanding power by expanding existing stakeholder mapping and analysis to include power analysis.