Learning Brief 4: Gender, Safety and VPI

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This is the fourth in a series of learning briefs produced by Isandla Institute under the Safer Places: Resilient Institutions and Neighbourhoods Together (SPRINT) Project. The briefs are developed from the Learning Network sessions. The title of the fourth session, hosted by Isandla Institute on 18 February 2021, and the focus of this brief is ‘Gender, safety and VPIs’.

The brief introduces a definition of gender that is broad and inclusive. Defining gender-based violence (GBV), and identifying the various types of GBV enables a greater understanding
of how GBV manifests. Detail on structural violence assists with identifying the system of factors that contribute to GBV. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed significant strain on society and has exacerbated the risk factors that contribute to GBV such as socio-economic inequality between men and women and poverty, making it even more urgent to address the impact of structural violence contributing to GBV. The brief draws on the reflections of participating CSOs to examine responses to GBV. This includes utilising the socio-ecological model as a key tool to better understand the factors that contribute to GBV allows for more targeted violence prevention interventions (VPIs) that respond to these. It also includes a discussion identifying features of safe and inclusive environments. Through this engagement
it was confirmed that the built environment plays a key role in creating an environment of potential risk of GBV.