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Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention

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09 Nov 2015

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Every day, millions of boys and girls around the world experience severe forms of violence – physical, emotional or sexual. Violence of any kind is unacceptable, but it is particularly reprehensible when directed against helpless and powerless children. Children exposed to violence not only suffer immediate injury, but also live in fear, and are unable to realize their full potential.

Despite the extent and seriousness of this global problem, relatively little is known about violence in childhood – about the underlying drivers, or the longer-term costs for children and for societies. Even worse, little is being done to prevent violence.

The kNOw Violence in Childhood aims to fill this gap. This global learning initiative is based on the premise that a more comprehensive understanding of the causes and consequences of violence in childhood, and the means of prevention, & can help shift global attitudes and enable children and adults to lead more secure and peaceful lives.

The Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention is, through the involvement of both the Executive and Research Directors, contributing to this important initiative. Patrick Burton is leading the Learning Group on Violence in Schools, while Lezanne Leoschut is authoring a paper on polyvictimization, for the same learning group.