Integrated Social Crime Prevention Strategy

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Integrated Social Crime Prevention Strategy – Resources


Department of Social Development

Publication date

01 Sep 2011

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01 Feb 2015

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The rationale for developing and implementing the Integrated Social Crime Prevention Strategy is to enable the government departments to respond to crime-related issues in a coordinated and focused manner, specifically looking at issues causing crime. The strategy will also promote joint efforts for creating a common understanding and vision on how to combat crime, bringing together concerted interventions within government departments as crucial initiatives for social crime prevention.

Furthermore, the strategy aims to maximise the participation of communities and civil society organisations in the mobilisation and creation of a dedicated and integrated crime prevention capacity, aimed at conducting ongoing research and evaluation
of departmental and public campaigns. The Integrated Strategy entails a professional and civil movement, governed and supported by respective departments, which enhances the self-defense capabilities of society. It is a set of objectives to curb the effects of the underlying causes of crime, reduce the risk of becoming a victim, raise the safety of the community as a whole, and thus improve quality of life and human rights. An integrated framework is also provided in this document to enable departments to fulfill their role and mandate of prioritising social crime prevention at all levels of intervention, as outlined in the Integrated Service Delivery Model (2005).