Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy (ICVPS)

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Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy (ICVPS) – Resources


Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

Publication date

25 Mar 2022

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06 Jun 2022

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The Integrated Violence and Crime Prevention Strategy (ICVPS) is expected to serve as an implementation tool of the White Paper on Safety and Security adopted in 2016.

It advocates for a whole of government and society approach in fighting crime and preventing violence.

The ICVPS consists of six interdependent and interrelated pillars.

These are:

  • An effective criminal justice;
  • Early interventions in preventing crime;
  • Victim support interventions;
  • Effective and integrated service delivery;
  • Safety through environmental design; and
  • Active public and community participation.

The ICVPS has been consulted within government institutions and the general public and draws on the WPSS to set out a clear plan for implementation of an integrated and collaborative ‘all of society’ and ‘all of government’ approach to crime and violence prevention in South Africa. The ICVPS gives expression to the vision of safe communities, articulated in the National Development Plan 2030; where people are and feel safe, at home, school, work and in their communities and where women can walk freely in the streets, and children can play safely outside. This Strategy sets out a framework to guide the planning, implementation of a comprehensive, holistic and integrated partnership approach to community safety, crime and violence prevention in South Africa.