Gun control and violence - South Africa’s story

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Claire Taylor

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01 Dec 2019

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Claire Taylor

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12 Nov 2020

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A comprehensive, fully referenced report on the history and impact of gun control in South Africa over 25 years.

It shows that in the 10 years that firearms were strictly controlled and less available in South Africa (2000-2010), guns stopped being the leading cause of murder and gun-related deaths almost halved, from 34 people shot and killed a day to 18. However, from 2011 gun violence began increasing due to various breakdowns in South Africa’s firearms control management system. This included fraud and corruption, deliberate leakage of guns from secure stores into the illegal market, inappropriate target-setting, under-resourcing and poor planning. As a result guns have become increasingly available. As gun availability increased so has gun violence, with guns again being the lead cause of murder.

In sum, Gun control and violence - South Africa’s story is a map to reducing gun violence in South Africa and halving crime in the country in the next 10 years. It identifies tried and tested gun control interventions, that saved lives in the past and that can again save lives.