Guidance on Local Safety Audits

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Guidance on Local Safety Audits – Resources


European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)


Dr Sohail Husain, Rob George and Jenny Ewels

Publication date

01 Oct 2007

Uploaded on

22 Apr 2015

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This Guidance is divided into three Parts. Part A is directed primarily at those responsible for policy and legislation at national level, as well as civic leaders with a mandate for crime prevention at city level. It highlights the connection between safety audits and wider social, economic and environmental issues, such as sustainable development, social inclusion and good urban governance. It illustrates the importance of the safety audit to
advancing well-planned and well-executed action to reduce crime and its associated risk factors. The Guidance identifies who needs to be involved, the skills needed to complete the work, the scope of audit activity, the principles of good practice and the four main Stages of audit implementation. Parts B and C are especially relevant to groups overseeing the audit process.

Part B focuses on specific and important issues that pose major challenges because they are difficult to investigate. Amongst those examined here are specific populations, such as ‘at risk’ children and youth; women’s safety; human trafficking; illicit drugs; and crimes involving business. Part C will be particularly useful for practitioners who undertake audit work. It covers a range of technical subjects. It emphasises the importance of combining quantitative and qualitative data to gain a good understanding of problems and causal factors. Guidance is also given on the use of a range of tools and techniques for collecting information. The merits and weaknesses of different secondary sources are examined and
advice is provided on the conduct of surveys.

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