Protecting Children From Armed Violence

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08 Jun 2017

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Masibulele Yaso

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19 Jul 2017

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This brief first looks at the growing risk of armed violence for children within an urban context before unpacking three key interventions to protect children, and the broader community, from armed violence.A recently published United Nations Special Report, Protecting children affected by armed violence in the community, identifies key factors that risk overall community safety, including the safety of children.1 According to the Report, easy access to guns, abuse of alcohol and drugs, and unplanned urbanisation all increase children’s vulnerability to armed violence. The ready availability of guns has serious consequences for children on both ends of the barrel. A gun in the hands of a child or adolescent can easily transform a game, a moment of curiosity, an argument, or a property-related crime (e.g. a robbery) into a murder. It allows children to become killers; and the shooting of anyone is a traumatic calamity for the shooter as well as for the victim and family.