Draft Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy

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Draft Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy – Resources


Civilian Secretariat for Police Service

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01 Jan 1970

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04 Nov 2020



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The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (CSPS) has developed a Draft Integrated Crime and Violence Prevention Strategy (Draft Strategy (Draft ICVPS)) which gives effect to the implementation of the 2016 White Paper on Safety and Security. The Draft Strategy provides a coordinated and integrated plan to prevent crime and violence in South Africa, which is a necessary precondition for increasing people's feeling of safety and building safer communities. The Draft Strategy broadly acknowledges the need for complimentary interventions to address the drivers of crime - socio economic factors including poverty, inequality, unemployment, social welfare, health and education.

The Draft Strategy is an indicator in the Medium Term Strategic Framework 2020-2025, and the outcome is set to be finalised by March 2021, contingent on consultations with various departments in the three spheres of government.

The Draft Strategy recognises that violence results from a combination of multiple factors that put people at risk and seeks to address these in a multifaceted manner and proposes a 'whole of government‘ and ‘whole of society’ approach, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of key national and provincial departments in implementing safety programmes, as well as placing emphasis on the role of local government in planning for and implementing safety programmes. The system requirements of the Draft Strategy propose the necessary enabling environment for implementation, and sets out thematic interventions required to address safety, crime and violence prevention, some of which may cut across your Departments mandate. The thematic areas include:

  • An effective criminal justice system
  • Early intervention
  • Victim support
  • Effective and integrated service delivery
  • Safety through environmental design
  • Active public and community participation

The strategy is out for public comments. All inputs and comments on the strategy may be referred to lillian.mashele@csp.gov.za