Crime prevention assessment tool

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Crime prevention assessment tool – Resources


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and United Nations Human Settlements Programme


Margaret Shaw

Publication date

01 Jan 2009

Uploaded on

22 Apr 2015

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The Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit provides guidance on how to conduct an assessment and on the use of the Toolkit. The Assessment Tool is not intended to provide an in-depth assessment of country (or city) needs, but an initial assessment based on a set of questions concerning such aspects as existing socio-economic and crime concerns, sources of data, problems and capacities. It provides examples of the kinds of people to talk to and the range of issues to be covered. It also provides a practical guide to key issues and questions for assessors examining crime prevention needs at the national and local levels. It is not designed as a rigid guide or checklist, but as the basis for developing an initial contextualized assessment that will take into account both specific country conditions and capacities, and the views and experiences of key authorities, actors and individuals, at both the national and the local level.

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