Community Safety Guideline

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Community Safety Guideline – Resources


Gauteng Department of Community Safety


Idasa - Safety and Security Programme

Publication date

01 Jan 2010

Uploaded on

02 Jul 2014

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The guideline primarily aims to introduce CSFs as the local-level safety coordinating structures attached to municipalities. Their role is to develop and implement multidisciplinary initiatives that improve the local quality of life by improving the levels – and perceptions – of citizens’ safety.

This guideline aims to demystify the concept of CSFs. It provides, firstly, a framework to build awareness among interested parties and partners, and, secondly, a tool to empower and enable the strategic reorientation of existing CSFs. It learns from existing toolkits and theoretical understanding of local multisectoral partnerships. It offers basic, practical information, ranging from a definition of CSFs and an explanation of their overarching processes to tools that will help you carry out some of these processes.