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The South African National Development Plan (NDP) promotes the creation of spaces that are liveable, equitable, sustainable, resilient and efficient, and that support economic opportunities and social cohesion. Area-based violence prevention interventions (ABVPI) offer both a set of protocols and methodologies (i.e. a codified practice) and an approach to spatial development that takes safety and resilience as the intended outcomes and so aligns with this vision. Taking this process forward, questions are raised about how partnerships can be developed, frameworks adapted and resources allocated in order to enable ABVPI. The brief includes the topics of integrating ABVPI into informal settlement upgrading; funding ABVPI using public funds, specifically conditional grants; and reflections on the importance of partnership in ABVPI. 

This Practice Brief draws on the presentations and discussion at the webinar 'Building Safer Neighbourhoods Together', held on 05 August 2021. The webinar, which brought together representatives from national, provincial and local government and  civil society organisations, was convened by Isandla Institute as an implementation partner of the Safer Places: Resilient Institutions and Neighbourhoods Together (SPRINT) project.

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