Building Safer Communities through the Community Work Programme (CWP)

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This booklet shares key experiences from the CWP Social Health and Education (SHE) Initiative piloted over a two-year period (May 2013–May 2015). ‘Social Health’ speaks to a community’s state of health with regard to education, health care, peace (absence of violence and crime), cohesion and ability to take the initiative and deal with issues affecting the community. Through reflecting on and documenting the pilot intervention, we hope to inspire stakeholders associated with the CWP, and to encourage other stakeholders to explore the many opportunities offered by the CWP.

This initiative is based on a partnership between the Seriti Institute and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as part of the Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention (VCP) programme.

The booklet describes what happened during the pilot project. More information on the how can be found in the specific manuals developed for each activity. It provides key background information on the approach and the objectives of the CWP SHE Initiative. It also contains interesting insights concerning the new forms of CWP useful work being offered and key lessons learnt during the pilot project. The conscious strategic approach of the CWP SHE Initiative was to learn from the local level in order to inform CWP policy and its implementation framework.