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Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation

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15 Jan 2018

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Giselle Warton

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09 Feb 2018


Be the Voice

‘Be The Voice’ is a new, powerful short film that shows the life threatening challenges faced by community leaders as they strive for community safety. It is one in a series of three films recently produced in partnership with the Delft Safety Group. These films contribute to SLFs ongoing participatory action research into accountability in a context of violence and insecurity.

As local leaders, Soereya, Ashraf and Farida are perceived to represent the voices of their fellow community members. This leadership role places a target on their lives, and on the lives of their families. Because of this they are often silenced and oppressed by fear. ‘Be The Voice’ conveys some of the terrifying experiences that these three veteran activists have gone through and illustrates the depth of the risks they take as they stand against injustice in their home town of Delft.