2016 White Paper on Policing

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2016 White Paper on Policing – Resources


Civilian Secretariat of Police

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01 Apr 2016

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Makhosi Buthelezi

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03 Apr 2017

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The White Paper on Policing has two fundamental shifts from its predecessor, the 1998 White Paper on Safety and Security. The first is to separate the police focused policy from that of the broader policy on safety and security which will be contained in the amended White Paper on Safety and Security. The second is to provide an enabling legislative framework for civilian oversight and align the police service to the rest of the public service. The focus of the White Paper on Policing is on the core areas of policing and law enforcement aimed at reducing crime and building safer communities as called for by the National Development Plan. As such emphasis will be placed on the role of the South African Police Service and the Metropolitan Police Departments in achieving this goal. It will further guide the policy direction of the Department over the medium term; providing the framework for the development of further policy. 

Developing an accountable, professional, competent and highly skilled police service as defined in the National Development Plan, forms the key thrust of the White Paper on Policing (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper). South Africa is entitled to a police service that delivers high quality services while maintaining high standards of professional conduct and discipline, and that exhibits exemplary leadership and management. 

The White Paper contains specific policy proposals that must contribute toward building a police service that embraces civic accountability and plays a meaningful role in creating safe and secure communities and thus provides a broad overarching policy framework. Implementing these policy objectives will require a comprehensive review of existing legislation, regulations and supporting policies.