#UniteBehind – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


6th Floor, Vogue House, Thibault Square, Cape Town


#UniteBehind was formed by a number of activists representing peoples’ movements, community-based organisations, as well as NGOs that provide legal, policy and research support. They have come together to form an association for a just and equal society that represents the interests of inter alia young people, struggle veterans, queer people, women, workers and unemployed people. 

Over the years our struggles for women’s equality, land and environmental justice, informal settlement upgrading, equal education, open, participatory and accountable governance, racial and economic justice and all the rights in our Constitution have been pursued in an isolated manner. Now we combine struggles for justice and equality under the banner of #UniteBehind.

Our area of work is focused on campaigning, research and litigation. 

#UniteBehind’s vision is to realise a just and equal society for all who live in it, where: 

  • the wealth is shared among all people to the needs of all people; 
  • people can truly participate in the decisions that affect their lives; 
  • the environment is sustainably protected and its harmony with people restored; 
  • people are free from all forms of oppression; and
  • there is solidarity and unity among people’s struggles