The Viva Foundation of South Africa

The Viva Foundation of South Africa – Organisation


South Africa


Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Western Cape


Pretoria, Cape Town, Hazy View


Viva Village, 371 Moshumi St, Ext 22, Mamelodi Far East, 0122
Postal Address: PostNet Suite 8, Private Bag X1, The Willows, 0041


The Vision of the Viva Foundation is to be instrumental in the transformation of informal settlements and other high-priority poverty areas into stable and economically viable communities that provide young and old with opportunities for education, employment, business and recreation.

The Mission of the Viva Foundation is to establish services and service hubs in vulnerable, high priority poverty areas, such as informal settlements, slums, rural areas and inner-cities.

The Viva Village in the Alaska Informal Settlement, Mamelodi serves as a platform from where Viva and other partners can meet the felt and expressed needs of that community.

Currently, Viva has 4 Primary Focus Areas with their own service offerings, namely:


  • Viva Kids Early Learning Centre
  • Independent School (Foundation phase)
  • Youth Development- incl.: Drama, After School Programme focused on meta cognition/ learning how to learn therefore building learners’ capacity to learn.

Poverty Alleviation

  • Enterprise Development
  • Business Incubation
  • Trade Skills
  • Short Courses


  • Township Art Project- Artists from all over the word are invited to attend various events throughout the year. Local artists are paired with bona-fide graphic/visual artists [Cartoonists, Graffiti Artists, Fine Artists and the like] Impact is three pronged:
  1. Informal Settlement is immediately transformed with a wave of colour
  2. Paradigms are shifted by exposing people to the informal settlement/township environment, somewhere where they might not usually have reason to go
  3. Stimulation of local economy: during these events, artists and volunteers are encouraged to support local vendors, thus circulating finances within the informal settlement

Rape Response & Sexual Violence Prevention

  • Creation of the South African Peoples’ Response Initiative (SAPRI)
  • Dissemination of Rape Response Protocol- from Incident to Guilty Verdict information packs, nationally
  • Training of community based respondents through a six module course:
  1. Rape Response Protocol- From Incident to Guilty Verdict
  2. Rape Specific First Aid
  3. Counselling a Rape Survivor
  4. Court Procedures
  5. Rights of a Victim
  6. SAPRI system
  • Deployment of 200 panic buttons to vulnerable receipients, as part of a community based response programme
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