Soteria Ministries

Soteria Ministries – Organisation


Soteria Ministries was founded early in 2013. After spending several years working with drug addicts, gangsters and ex-prisoners, Johann Kikillus, the founder, started noticing the plight of the women and children who are families of these people. It began to become very clear that the justice system was failing many of them and the vast majority of these women and children were trapped in the cycles of abuse and addiction.

Together with several other volunteers, we began to reach out to the victims as well as the perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse.

Key areas of focus

  • Assisting women and children trapped in a cycle of abuse, violence or addiction.
  • ​We run a place of safety,  Ocean View Care Centre, where we also offer counselling.
  • Conducting public education and awareness campaigns.
  • Assisting victims' process through the justice system.
  • Gang rehabiitation and reintegrating ex-offenders into society.