Small Projects Foundation

Small Projects Foundation – Organisation


Who we are
Small Projects Foundation (SPF) is an NGO located in East London that operates throughout the Eastern Cape and nationally. SPF, using principles of sustainability and participation, empowers disadvantaged beneficiaries and stakeholders to improve the economic, physical, mental and social qualities of their lives. SPF is involved in the health care, education and social sector.

What we do
We improve the lives of disadvantaged people. We build up people to empower themselves, and their communities. Our work is done in our programmes and methodologies, with highly trained staff dedicated to our cause. We join with stakeholders who operate on provincial, national and international levels.

How we do it
We offer key skills and learnings to assist government and funders to identify needs; develop programmes, in participation with all stakeholders (especially rural communities); and monitor and evaluate such programmes.

Why us
For thirty years the Foundation has demonstrated its willingness and ability to initiate many projects and ensure their success. Crucial developmental issues are decisively and effectively addressed. Success in entrepreneurial development, agriculture, housing, water supply, ecotourism, educare and capacity-building projects shows an ability to identify issues and causes, and develop programmes that directly address the needs of the poor.