Save the boy child

Save the boy child – Organisation


South Africa




Soweto, Johannesburg


12 Sondela Street
Emdeni Community Library – 1st Floor
Emdeni North - Kwa Xuma – 1868
Soweto - ZA


Save the Boy Child South Africa is an initiative of the Personal Concept Projects for Soweto Children. Pecop-Soweto was founded in 1997 as a community-based organisation for child safety and mind empowerment. Since then the organisation has been sustained through active parent participation and financial support.

The initiative has just unveiled its vision towards 2030, that of Emotionally intelligent leaders, husbands, partners, brothers, sons and fathers who engage in healthy expressions of their emotions?

 Our mission will be achieved by aggressively and collectively engaging boys on how they are socialised to suppress their natural and spontaneous reactions to pain which affects their physical and mental health, decision making, behaviour, and happiness.

To date the organisation maintains a database of more than 700 boys and girls between the ages 7-17 years within grades 2 to 11. These are the learners (Boys and Girls) we religiously see every Saturday and after school, mainly for academic support and wellness.

Delivery and implementation of the activities engages student teachers as volunteers who use the platform as a practical stage towards their qualification as teachers. To date 25 student teachers are actively engaged to care for, support and mentor the boys and girls respectively.

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