Rural Development Support Program

Rural Development Support Program – Organisation


RDSP is one of the few experienced NGOs working directly with rural communities in a capacity building context. As specialists in the fields of GBV, family violence, substance abuse and organisational development, we assist rural CBOs with their development in these areas.

Our work is delivered as grant-funded development projects in response to community needs (development work), or as paid-for professional services (consulting work).  

Our core business is organizational development and capacity building through intensive training and mentoring of Community Based Organisations.  We have a special interest in the cross-cutting issues of gender-based violence and substance abuse and our work supports women in particular, to combat and cope with these interlinked social issues.

Primary activities take the form of practical and theoretical training workshops focused on skills and knowledge transference, followed by a series of mentoring support visits. Through adopting an action-learning approach, our biggest learnt experience from working with grass-roots community organisations is that sustainable change is most likely when it comes from within the community itself.

Our capacity building focuses on the general skills of community development, leadership, management, strategic thinking and planning, financial accountability, advocacy and raising resources.

Our area of expertise covers focuses on four core areas, namely:

  • Capacity Building and Organisational Development of CBO
  • Prevention of Gender Based Violence
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse
  • Youth & Youth Worker Leadership Development.

Our development work is made possible with grant funding from local and international donor agencies. Beneficiaries receive this training and mentoring at no cost to themselves.

Our consulting services are offered to NGOs, donors, government departments, and any other structures operating in the development sector and the private sector, and includes all of our programmes and services offered to communities and CBOs.

We also provide monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, training manual development and advice on issues of organisational sustainability.