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South Africa


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Port Elizabeth


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Vision and Mission

Rise Against Domestic Violence SA (NPC) is a non-profit company registered in South Africa. Our vision and mission is to become the organisation of choice to assist victims as well as the reform of perpetrators who need assistance to become better people and end the cycle of domestic violence. This will include support from various activities and professionals to reduce the instances of Domestic Violence in South Africa. We will drive awareness of domestic violence and advocate change towards all types of domestic violence to make South Africa a better place for all.

About Us

Rise Against Domestic Violence SA (NPC) is headed by a husband and wife team as well as two young adults. We are striving to assist all effected by domestic violence, victims as well as perpetrators. We do not judge any person who need our assistance and we want to ensure the correct help is provided to specific situations.

​What we do

An organisation that assists individuals to obtain professional services that comprise of advocacy, training, psychotherapy support, legal counsel and rehabilitation for people who are seeking assistance to stop abusing. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for men and women, both victim and abuser.  Using self-help, empowerment approach, we assist individuals to seek counselling, Mediation, Legal assistance, Workshops, Team Building, Educational awareness programs at schools and support service for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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