Restore Reconnect Rebuild (R-Cubed)

Restore Reconnect Rebuild (R-Cubed) – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


124 Woodgate Rd, Plumstead


R-cubed is a company with a unique contextually-grounded understanding of trauma and resilience. It is a network of people with extensive and diverse experiences across the individual, organisational and social domains. We embrace a trauma-informed lens to assist people, companies and organisations to be able to effectively respond to challenges in a way that helps to: 

Restore hope, 
Reconnect relationships and 
Rebuild a vibrant environment

Through working deeply to transform environments of conflict and violence, families, communities, schools and organisations can achieve sustained and measurable change where they incorporate a trauma-informed culture and practice. R-cubed believes that through implementing trauma-informed principles and practices, it promotes environments which are respectful, safe, cohesive and resilient. This ultimately can significantly reduce the generational cycles of violence which exists globally across multiple systems.

R-Cubed methodology is largely rooted in academic research in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, education, criminology, social work and community development. Where cycles of violence are perpetuated over generations, neurological, intrapersonal, interpersonal and societal disconnection become a consequence of continuous and generational trauma. The broad effects of this disconnection, due to shame, dehumanization and disempowerment while living in a violent society, perpetuates violence, particularly in marginalized communities. 

R-Cubed helps to create the mental, emotional and relational shifts necessary for organisations, companies, communities and individuals to function at their (very) best. We do this through:

  • a WHOLISTIC centred approach, whether the client is an individual, organisation or company. 
  • a TAILOR MADE and CLIENT-FOCUSED facilitation and consultation process.
  • a STRUCTURED process that equips
  • providing ONGOING support and mentoring/coaching