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Rape Crisis Centre Port Elizabeth – Organisation


The Rape Crisis Centre (RCC) has been operating in the Port Elizabeth region since 1992. The organisation was initially founded by five women that were concerned by the alarming levels of child sexual abuse and violence on women. RCC is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that serves the needs of rape survivors, irrespective of the client’s race, gender, language or religious background.

To date the organisation has assisted over 10,000 rape survivors, and around 68 000 learners from 40 senior secondary schools have received awareness and education courtesy of the Rape Crisis Centre Life Skills Project.

The Rape Crisis Centre aims to be a centre that provides holistic, gender sensitive assistance to all victims. We also strive to prevent sexual crimes and empower those that have endured such harrowing events. Our vision is to develop a multi-sectorial approach towards the elimination of all forms of gender violence, by working with various stakeholders. RCC endeavours to give comprehensive service to both the victims and their immediate families.

In pursuit of our mission the organisation delivers advice and assistance in the following categories:
• Counselling and Psychological assistance
• Court Support and Preparation
• Medical Assistance
• Referral to other Organisations
• Information Dissemination and Education
• Lobby and Advocacy around issues of sexual violence


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