Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust – Organisation


South Africa


Western Cape


Cape Town


23 Trill Road
Observatory, Cape Town, 7925


The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, established in 1976, is the oldest organisation in South Africa supporting rape survivors on the road to recovery and along the road to justice, and making change in communities.

We have a vision of a South Africa in which women are safe in their communities and where the criminal justice system supports and empowers rape survivors and acts as a deterrent to rapists. 

Our mission is to promote safety in communities, to reduce the trauma experienced by rape survivors, to empower women, to promote gender equality, to strengthen the criminal justice system and to work actively to address flaws in legislation.

We plan to achieve this through coordinated action between our three main programmes: (1) the Road to Justice, (2) the Road to Recovery and (3) Making Change, thus combining deterrent, preventive and restorative interventions into a comprehensive strategy.