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Places Plus enables people to take ownership of public spaces so that everyone can use and enjoy them. We do this by working alongside all concerned parties and are often asked to design, facilitate and operate local area-based partnerships.

Placemaking is a process by which we work together to shape our public spaces. It is rooted in community-based participation and involves the stakeholder engagement, planning, design, management and programming of shared spaces.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use and enjoy public spaces. Our urban spaces are vulnerable to neglect. Today their use reflects the state of many communities. How can public spaces unite our communities and give greater opportunities to all of us to be jointly proud in our shared responsibility?

Alan Cameron has been working in and around public spaces for almost a decade and in 2018 created Places Plus to be an organisation that adds value to public spaces. Making public spaces more convenient and enjoyable to use is a key part of this as it encourages people to use them more often. Places Plus does this by providing a variety of advisory, management and coordination services to those who want to improve a common area.

Partnering with our clients, Places Plus works to:

  • Form robust area based partnerships dedicated to creating, turning around, and operating public spaces
  • Negotiate park management agreements and leases with local and municipal authorities
  • Create public space operating plans with self-sustaining revenue and expense budgets
  • Design park programming events and activities to keep the space busy throughout the year
  • Conduct public participation sessions and assists in guiding public space design and renovation plans for new and historic sites
  • Implement operating and programming plans (this includes the hiring and training of staff, project managing programming plans, generating sponsorships and unlocking other revenue sources)
  • Operates parks and public spaces on a short or long-term basis
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