One in Nine Campaign

One in Nine Campaign – Organisation


Formed in 2006, the One in Nine Campaign is a South African collective of organisations and individuals motivated by feminist principles and the desire to live in a society where women are the agents of their own lives. The Campaign supports survivors of sexual violence – those who report the crimes to the police and choose to engage the criminal justice system as well as those who choose not to or are unable to report their rapes. Among other things, we apply pressure on various branches of the criminal justice system through direct action and targeted advocacy to ensure that officials comply with existing laws and policies; we work with individuals, communities, collectives and organisations to generate feminist analyses of social problems; we target the South African government for its failure to protect the rights of women and other female-born people and force it to its full mandates and responsibilities; and we develop innovative strategies for mobilization and mass action.

The Campaign’s work is spread over five areas:

  • Solidarity in action and building feminist activism
  • Feminist knowledge production and research
  • Media advocacy
  • Justice and legal transformation
  • Direct action
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