Niani Victim Empowerment

Niani Victim Empowerment – Organisation


Working area: Niani Victim Empowerment (Niani VEP) operates at stand no.412 Masisi SAPS, next to the Home Affairs offices. Niani VEP covers 37 villages in the Masisi policing areas.

Vision: To render professional and effective victim empowerment services geared at protecting, restoring dignity and empowering victims.

Mission: To encourage an attitude of zero tolerance towards domestic violence, sexual abuse and other form of abuse in the Niani area, within the Musina municipality.

Background to NIANI VEP: Our community is situated in a rural area, where incest, sexual abuse and domestic abuse are high. With regards to incest cases, most of the victim are children. Women who are abused are tolerant of family violence by accepting those crime as an unavoidable, unchangeable aspect of their culture and tradition. Both women and children suffer a great deal, owing to a lack of suitable shelters for victims of abuse. Consequently, there is an urgent need for the establishment of a victim support centre to provide a service in the Niani areas. Such a centre will enable us, as professionals, to render an even more effective service geared at protecting, restoring dignity and empowering victims.