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MOSAIC was established in 1993 in response to high levels of violence against women, in particular domestic violence. There was a recognition that many women suffer in silence due to a lack of knowledge of their rights and a lack of confidence to access justice for themselves. Furthermore, survivors of abuse and violence experience a lot of trauma, which affects the way they function in taking care of themselves and their children. This trauma also negatively affects their ability to actively contribute to their livelihoods and thrive in society. MOSAIC empowers women as Social Auxiliary workers and Court Support Workers in specific township communities, where a lack of resources also affects the ability of many to access healing and training services. This model of training women and men from the communities we serve, to empower and train others, ensures that our support services are determined by clients’ needs and the community context, and that these services are culturally appropriate and easily accessible.

To ensure that violence against women in all its forms and manifestations is eradicated in our society.

MOSAIC works to prevent and reduce abuse and violence against women by providing services that seek to empower women to claim their rights, access healing and provide women with various opportunities to actively participate in society.  As violence against women affects children too, and is mostly perpetrated by men, MOSAIC offers holistic and integrated services to ensure behaviour change, hereby achieving its vision to eradicate all forms of violence against women in our society.


  • Equality: We commit to build a ‘beautiful Mosaic’ where we celebrate differences and ensure that all are treated fairly and there is no discrimination.
  • Transparency: We consistently seek to communicate information and exchange ideas and thoughts, which builds trust.
  • Integrity: We will act ethically consistently and in all situations.
  • Unity: We work in solidarity across staff, board members, members and beneficiaries.
  • Service: We work with dedication in delivering quality services, to ensure that our vision and mission are achieved.

MOSAIC is a community based non-governmental organisation (NGO) that offers holistic and integrated programmes, aimed at preventing all forms of abuse and violence against women, providing high quality response services when incidences occur, and supporting our clients through the process of healing and rebuilding their lives. 

Abuse and violence against women is deeply rooted in our society, and is at the core of rights’ violation against women and girls in South Africa. This violence is systemic and rooted in communities, institutions and cultures. Our goal is to end gender-based violence, domestic abuse and violence in particular.

MOSAIC’s integrated three pillar service model
MOSAIC creates an enabling environment through our holistic and integrated three pillar service model: 1) Access to Justice, 2) Support and Healing and 3) Empower to Survive.

1. Access to Justice
We offer survivors of intimate partner violence holistic and integrated support and response services, so that they can access legal and psychosocial support in a centralised manner. We offer support services and advice to abused women regarding practicalities related to obtaining protection orders and accessing counselling.

1.1. Court Support
Survivors of intimate partner violence and any form of domestic violence often have stayed in the abusive relationship for many years, and have consequently been cut off from accessing many of their rights. The Domestic Violence Act (DVA) No. 116 of 1998, provides protection to those directly affected by domestic violence. Unfortunately, however, once at court many survivors do not understand how to access the protection that this legislation offers them.

We have trained court support workers who provide support to survivors in understanding the legal procedures and requirements they must undertake, in order for the court to grant them the relief they seek. The court support workers are also present to offer emotional support during and after the court process. In addition, where needed, these court support workers refer survivors for further support in accessing healing and empowerment services.

1.2. Thuthuzela Care Centres
MOSAIC is available at Thuthuzela Care Centres, which are collaborative 24-hour, one-stop centres which offer comprehensive services to survivors of sexual violence and abuse. The services at these centres, ensure that a survivor undergoes forensic examination and medical treatment. MOSAIC’s Sexual Violence Counsellors provide trauma counselling to the survivors and assist the police  and the medical examiner, when required. Survivors are also supported by our counsellors, in preparing for trial  and accessing long-term follow-up counselling and support services.

MOSAIC also provides support to survivors of sexual violence through the provision of HIV Counselling and Testing services. We are present at the Worcester, Khayelitsha and Atlantis Thuthuzela Care Centres and at the Mitchells Plain Forensic Services Unit.

2. Support and Healing
MOSAIC offers a holistic and integrated support and healing service to survivors of domestic violence and abuse, their children and partners. Our model of support and healing is aimed at empowering survivors to take charge of their own lives and become active, positive and thriving members of society who are capable of reaching their full potential.

2.1. Counselling and Support
We offer free, basic trauma counselling support services to survivors. We have qualified social workers and social auxilliary workers who support survivors and their families in healing and reclaiming control of their lives. We also have various support groups for survivors and those living with HIV/AIDS.

2.2. MOSAIC’s Clinical Services
We have a clinic where clients may access sexual reproductive health services in a private, safe, and confidential space, in order to learn more about a sexual relationship free of violence and coercion. These services also provide clients with access to unbiased information about their reproductive health, so that they are able to make informed choices and be treated in a dignified and confidential manner when seeking reproductive advice.

Services are available from Monday to Friday, from 08h30 to 16h00.   Wednesday   is   “Youth   Day”   at   the   clinic,   and   services   are   reserved   for school learners/ students.

We offer a range of health care services including: pregnancy tests; male and female condoms; treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s); pap smears; rape forensic examinations and counselling; VCT/HIV counselling and testing; and provision of emergency contraception.

2.3. MenCare+
Ending violence against women and girls requires an integrated and holistic approach that includes men in the conversations and programmatic efforts.  MenCare+ advocates for men to be engaged as partners in the lives of their children and mothers. Men should be engaged in maternal and child health and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

The MenCare+ programme was initiated through a consortium of organisations and  implemented in Brazil, Indonesia, Rwanda and South Africa. The consortium was coordinated by Rutgers and Promundo US, and includes MOSAIC, Sonke Gender Justice, Rwanda Men’s Resources Centre, Promundo Brazil and Rutgers WPF Indonesia, as implementation partners. MOSAIC continues offering these support services, which have been fully  integrated into the organisation’s methodology.

Services Include:

  • Support groups and debriefing sessions with boys and men on SRHR, gender equality and caregiving.
  • Individual and group counselling for male perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • MenCare+ community engagements, focused on increasing awareness of men’s roles in fatherhood and caregiving.
  • Advocacy and awareness raising on the need for all men to recognise their male privilege and use their voice to end gender-based violence.

3. Empower to Survive
Our vision is to create a society in which gender-based violence is eradicated. We want a society where women live free from abuse and violence, are able to live their lives in happy and thriving relationships and can raise their children happily and safely. To achieve this vision, MOSAIC has innovative training and empowerment programmes for survivors. We also strive to change attitudes and gender norms through training and advocacy, in order to create a culture in which women and girls are respected as full human beings .

3.1. Future Free of GBV (Stepping Stones)
MOSAIC offers awareness raising and training workshops for children and youth 14-25 years. The programme is aimed at empowering children and youth to develop the understanding and skills necessary to challenge harmful social attitudes and norms that a) contribute to gender inequality, and b) encourage abusive and violent behaviour.

Through the training workshops, youth are also empowered to be self-aware and know what their boundaries are. The youth are supported through safe environments to make healthy sexual reproductive health decisions and learn about their rights.

The Future Free of GBV also creates a platform for children and youth to create advocacy forums, with the support of adult social workers, to raise issues and participate in various platforms and change attitudes.

3.2. Woman with Women
Woman with Women is an initiative of connectedness and mentorship, where established business women and community leaders from various backgrounds and sectors mentor women and young girls, and where women from disadvantaged backgrounds can access mentoring platforms usually beyond their reach. Mentors and mentees talk and share insights as they walk and ride; discussing their professional challenges and successes to establish a mentoring relationship in which the established leader guides, advises, inspires and supports an emerging leader. The conversation is holistic and integrated, through including men in the empowerment of women and ensuring that they use their privileges to create opportunities for women to thrive. It is about paying it forward and women supporting each other!

3.3. MOSAIC Women’s Training Service and Health Centre
We offer training to community-based organisations, churches, schools and crèches, rotary clubs and any interest groups about gender-based violence, integrated management of domestic violence, sexual violence prevention and response. We offer NQF Level 4 FETC: Counselling training. Contact us for more information and quotes on 021 761 7585!

3.4. Earn to Survive
Economic empowerment is key in enabling women to leave abusive and violent relationships. MOSAIC emphasises skills development and training for survivors, so that they can access employment opportunities, create their own businesses and/or pursue further education and training.

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