Mhani Gingi

Mhani Gingi – Organisation


Mhani Gingi – when translated into English – stands for a caring, industrious woman who is always looking for lasting solutions to social problems. Mhani Gingi is a non-profit organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable, and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.

Mhani Gingi uses the Power of the Collective to maximize networking, and tailor-made integrated skills development training according to the collective strengths and skills of the members. The main focus is currently on the province of the Western Cape, specialising in the townships surrounding Cape Town.

The organization wishes to be a voice against violation of the basic Human Rights of the vulnerable, claiming safe community spaces and to proactively create collaborative efforts moving forward.

Mhani Gingi wishes to contribute towards enhancing the role of duty-bearers, community leaders and service providers to improve the human rights and safety situation in the Western Cape.

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