MeMeZa Community Safety

MeMeZa Community Safety – Organisation


South Africa






The Innovation Hub, Mark Shuttle worth Street, Lynwood


MeMeZa as an organization contribute towards the fight against crime in South Africa.

We focus on protecting the vulnerable:

  • Elderly
  • Children
  • Woman
  • People with disabilities
  • Previous victims of rape and crime in general

We ensure a integrated approach by supplying direct integration with:

  • SAPS
  • Community Policing Forums
  • Government Departments
  • Private Sector

We achieve success through:

  • Enabling communities to work in unity
  • Empowerment through education and awareness
  • Employment through a community based job creation strategy
  • Enabling Public and Private Partnerships

Together with the Centre for Public Innovation and SAPS, MeMeZa developed the first GSM based Alarm system, the “MeMeZa Community Safety Alarm”,  fully integrated with SAPS and Community Policing structures, developed specifically for the low income communities.  This low cost, intelligent alarm system is the best value for money in the market today. 

MeMeZa Shout Crime Prevention / MeMeZa Community Safety is an organization that contribute towards the Prevention and Reduction of crime and violence. We promote community safety through an integrated approach, ensuring participation and cohesion of communities. In short, we are about bringing people together and mobilising communities in time of need.

Further to the security technology tools we provide to the most vulnerable people in society, we provide communities with Education and Awareness around crime prevention. Further to the above, Memeza strives to create jobs in all the communities we work in, therefore providing a “Business in a Box” model, where we train community members to become installers, maintenance and resellers, of the Memeza Alarm Systems.

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