Matla A Bana

Matla A Bana – Organisation


South Africa and Mauritius


National (all SA)


Cape Town


8 Wattle Street, Loevenstein



To give a voice to abused children.


Primary Mission:

To minimise the secondary abuse children suffer when they report abuse against them, by addressing the unsympathetic reporting system in South Africa. With the main focus on victim support and training.

Secondary Missions:

  • To educate communities on what child abuse is, signs and symptoms and how to report it.
  • Award individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty to protect and assist our children.

Our Projects

Primary Projects

  • Child Friendly Reporting Facilities (Victim Support)
  • Direct Impact 2018 : 20 000 children
  • Comfort Packs (Victim Support)
  • Direct Impact 2019 : 2 000 children
  • Specialised Soft Skills Training - Detectives and social workers (Skills Development)
  • 90 Detectives trained in 2019
  • Medical Practitioners Training (Skills Development)

Secondary Projects

  • School Programmes (Education)
  • Direct Impact 2019 : 10 000
  • “Incentive Awards (Community Mobilisation): 45 Detectives awarded in 2019