Khulisa Social Solutions

Khulisa Social Solutions – Organisation


Khulisa Social Solutions is an NGO that addresses social vulnerabilities as a systemic problem. Through multiple partnerships and internationally-acclaimed best-practice programs, we build capacity for grass-root motivated upliftment. All our interventions have demonstrable social impact.

We work with a variety of role-players including corporations, NGOs and government stakeholders to co-ordinate and facilitate projects that engage poverty alleviation, crime reduction, victim empowerment, enterprise development and community upliftment.

Over the past 15 years Khulisa has helped at least 1 million vulnerable people in some of the most hard-to-reach parts of the country to ‘reinvent their lives’. One of Khulisa’s fundamental values/strategies is to view all compatible stakeholders as partners in achieving a greater impact through increased service delivery. In the areas where we operate all local resources are included in the implementation process. It is Khulisa’s intention to freely share all of our research results, talents and expertise with like-minded individuals in order to further our cause. We also nurture leadership skills, which open opportunities in sustainable business and social enterprise.

Our vision and mission

Our Vision - A safer, healthier and more prosperous South Africa, where all people, especially youth, have access to the information, skills and opportunities they need to contribute to equitable local and national development.

Our Mission - is to address social vulnerabilities and inequalities by providing support and developmental know-how, through key partnerships, for initiatives at a community level that quantifiably demonstrate social impact.

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